Get your local business leads done for you.

In order to succeed locally, you have to attract the right clients.

We specialize in optimizing visibility, cultivating trust, and seamlessly converting local leads into valued customers.


The demand for local home services is experiencing a significant upsurge

“Near me” searches have skyrocketed by an impressive 900% in just the last two years. Here are some additional statistics that deserve your attention.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Over 90% of internet users use search engines to find local businesses

76% of people who conduct a local search make a purchase within 24 hours

Businesses that appear in the top three positions of Google Maps receive 44% of clicks



Boost your Google rating with 5-star reviews

You’ll receive a FREE Google Review App, plus we’ll
fine-tune your Google Business Profile.

We’ll reach out within one business day to schedule a brief Zoom meeting, during which we’ll gather the necessary information for your app and demonstrate how to install it on your phone (compatible with both iPhone and Android).

Google 5-stars

Get 5/5 reviews on Google

how it works

Organic Visibility

We ensure your business reaches individuals actively searching for services like yours right now.

You can count on us to optimize and oversee your Google Business Profile so you can gain visibility and high rankings on Google.

As well as managing your business profile in several popular business directories, we also list your business in business directories specialized to your industry.

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Additionally, we boost your organic listings and upgrade your business listing so customers can call you directly from the search results.

This helps increase brand awareness and visibility among potential customers, leading to increased sales and revenue. We also provide a free website analysis to make sure your website is optimized for search engine ranking and visibility.


Be the online authority

To establish authority online, you must maintain consistency. With us, you’ll get a Google-approved, mobile-friendly website that accurately represents your location, hours of operation, and service description. Everywhere your business is listed online, we actively monitor your information to make sure it is always consistent and authoritative.

What they say about us

About us

I’m Richard Escalante, and I founded Click Genee with one purpose in mind: to assist business professionals land local clients without the uncertainty often associated with traditional web agencies.

At Click Genee, we’ve crafted strategic online techniques to boost traffic, enhance your credibility, and, above all, drive sales by simplifying the process of connecting with local clients. With our system managing the time-consuming tasks, you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers—the very thing you do best. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in the design and marketing industry, I understand the unique challenges faced by local businesses.

As a fellow business owner, I understand the need for quick results. I also recognize that staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing demands. 

This is why we handle it all for you!

Who This Is For

This is for you if you want to reach customers within driving distance. This is not for online-only businesses.

Our clients have the following traits:

Residential Service

Lawn Care, House Cleaners, Junk Removal, Pest Control and more.


General Contractors, Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Flooring Pros, Painters and more.

Emergency Services

Locksmiths, Water Damage Pros, Tree Service, Sewage Pros, Foundation Pros and more.

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